Bang Bang

A melancholy tale of love and betrayal in a Western setting.
Duration: 4:30

Photo by Katja Siirtola
Photo by Maria Kimalle

Time For Tease

It's tea time for fragile little porcelain dolls in their music box! A welcome break in the endless monotony of their dance. Just be careful not to get any moisture in the machine... uh oh. 
Duration: 5:20

Photo by Katja Siirtola
Photo by Tuomas Lairila

Suoraan taivaalta

Our love song to drag, 80's disco music and science fiction. Outrageously funny and also just outrageous.
Duration: 4:40

Photo by Maria Kimalle

Photo by Maria Kimalle
Photo by Tuomas Lairila


Lauren Fuckall

Dance of the Seven Veils

Lauren presents a whiff of the 1920s and the era's obsession with everything "oriental" with her bellydance-inspired take on the classic theme. 
Duration: 4:45

Photo by J B Miettinen


This moody, even creepy, drag act takes you straight into the night of the lizards, but also has a sense of humour that has to be experienced first-hand. 
Duration 3:32

Photo by Windmill Southwester Gallery

On the Beach

Inspired by the 1957 book and 1959 movie, On the Beach is a post-apocalyptic, post-human study in rhinestones.
Duration: 7:03

Photo by Antti Korpinen

Snow Queen

Lauren is serving some Snow Queen realness and the true spirit of the holidays with some serious 80's vibes in her sparkling drag act. 
Duration: 4:54

Photo by Bernhard Miettinen

Don't You Wish

A scary sexy drag act inspired by real dolls and fake dolls and the colour orange.
Duration: 4:56

Photo by Hanna Erkinjuntti

Photo by Bernhard Miettinen

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